Achieving targeted results in complex supply chains.

Find Insights

Move beyond the limited view provided by ERP systems and spreadsheets with a business intelligence solution designed for inventory.

Develop Strategies

Quickly develop and manage segmented strategies that are a best fit for your business.  Our process is diagnostic, then prescriptive.

Implement Plans

Achieve results by executing the strategies in your ERP system.  Our customers have achieved 30% savings while improving service.

Business Insights

Targeted Service Levels

Productive People

Rapid Results

Lower Operating Costs


Our customers have achieved saving and service improvements in challenging environments.  They require more than simple rules and parameter settings inside an ERP system.  The impact goes beyond the millions of dollars in inventory to impact the cost structure and revenue potential of the supply chain.

Complex Multi Echelon Networks

High Service Level Requirements

Long Lead Times

Sporadic Demand Patterns

Changing Business Requirements

Limited IT Budgets


We help you understand what is driving inventory performance so you can prioritize your improvement projects.  We focus on improving service levels and our projects typically pay for themselves through inventory reductions and lower costs.

We use our products to help determine answers.  Our customers use them to provide on-going value.


Analytical Services

Create targeted strategies to help achieve specific performance goals.  Our services provide insights that help craft strategies to improve service and reduce cost.


Inventory Optimization

A model that helps you manage your business by your rules.  Clever is designed to improve your ability to quickly learn, devise and apply ideas in your business.

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“We wanted high service levels right out of the box. But we didn’t want to over-invest in inventory to get there. TCLogic has a powerful tool for expansion planning and helped us choose the right inventory solutions.” – Distributor
“… on a monthly basis, though I’ve been using TCLogic for years, the amount of dead stock I find using that tool exceeds the cost of subscribing to their service.” – Distributor
“It’s helped set us apart from our competitors. Having a higher fill rate greatly improves our customer service.” – Manufacturer

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